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photo of Keith and Virginia Laken
with permission of
Ant Hill Press
Making Love Again
by Virginia and Keith Laken

Table of Contents
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Foreword by David M. Barrett, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Lahey Clinic, Burlington MA

Introduction (by Keith Laken)

Chapter One:
"That Surgery Can Make A Guy Impotent!"

Chapter Two:
Our Cancer Nightmare Comes True

Chapter Three:
Keith Goes Under the Knife

Looking Back:
I Wish I Hadn't Said That to Keith

Chapter Four:
You Can't Have An Orgasm Without An Erection Can You?

Looking Back:
Keith on Being Informed

Chapter Five:
Oral-Sex Shock; From Honeymoon to Holding Pattern

Looking Back:
Disclosing Our Secret

Chapter Six:
"I'm Gonna Give Myself A Shot in the Penis???"

Looking Back:
Finally, We Can Laugh

Chapter Seven:
"I Don't Want to Have Sex Anymore, Honey"

Chapter Eight:
Where Do We Go From Rock Bottom?
Advice From An Expert

Looking Back:
Treating the Mind and Body

Chapter Nine:
Fumbling with the "New Rules" for Lovemaking

Looking Back:
Libido and Arousal Are Two Different Things

Chapter Ten:
Overcoming Impotence - A Second Time

Looking Back:
What We've Learned About Being Lovers

Chapter Eleven:
Our One-Night Stand with Viagra, the Little Blue Pill

Looking Back:
A New Definition of Intimacy

Recovered, Happy and Sexual


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