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Advice from "LC":


(In response to my post of 1/28/00.)


You are going through what I would consider a very natural stage of being mad at your condition. I went through the same stage when I was dxed.

The summer and fall of 1999 were not very pleasant for anyone around me. Thank goodness for this list. At least we're able to plug into others who have experienced the same situation. That doesn't make it better, but there is a lot of information out there that causes us to think and react.

I believe the greatest problem to solve outside of ourselves is to find the right physician who at least seems to have knowledge of the disease and is up to date with options.

Don't hesitate to use information you pick up via the list in talking with your physician. If nothing else, it challenges him/her to research and respond. If they don't or can't respond intelligently, dump them and look around. Special treatment centers are always an option, depending on your insurance coverage and financial resources.

Keep plugged into this list and ask questions. Don't ever toss in the towel.



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