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Some "Vets" Offer Advice to The Recently Diagnosed

INTRODUCTION: In the early months following my diagnosis, I went over the edge as I struggled with the vocabulary of prostate cancer. I threw my protest onto an email list and received advice from men and women who have been through it. I am putting a few here that I saved, in the hope that they might assist others who face that same feeling of confused, frustrated helplessness. It begins with my original post, merely for orientation to their responses. My thanks again to all of you. Best advice: Get on a mailing list.

     ball  HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS DO IT?  (RVY 1/28/00)

Some responses:

     blue ball FOCUS ON ONE THING  (Berky)

     blue ball I'M MAD AS HELL!  (Jennings)

     blue ball NOT A DEATH SENTENCE (Greggs)

     blue ball NO, YOU'RE NOT ALONE (Shadish)

     blue ball FIGHT BACK WITH PRAYER  (Lorenzo)

     blue ball STAY PLUGGED IN  (LC)

     blue ball DISPELLING THE FEAR  (Sheryl)

     blue ball STAY CONNECTED  (Jack)

     blue ball THE MORE YOU KNOW...  (Richard)

     blue ball SOME MORE ADVICE  (from several people)


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