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urethral stricture(s)

Synonyms: bulbar urethral stricture(s)

Definition: line drawing showing location of bulbar urethra A urethral stricture is an area of hardened tissue, which narrows the urethra sometimes making it difficult to urinate. If the stricture returns after two or more treatments, it is considered a recurrent stricture.

Urethral strictures can occur from scarring, trauma or infections, anywhere along the diagram showing severity of urethral strictures urethra, and they reduce the diameter of the urethra. Notice the steady narrowing of the urethra from the top illustration to the bottom illustration. The bladder must work harder to push the urine through the narrowed area. When the stricture is located in the widest area of the urethra, the bulbous urethra, it is referred to as a bulbar urethral stricture.

Untreated urethral strictures can lead to serious complications.

See UroLume endoprosthesis. [This is not a recommendation or endorsement but provided merely as an example of one solution. Consult your physician.]

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