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 * What is the history?
The original Phoenix5 glossary went on line on 3/7/01 and soon grew too large to allow fast loading. To solve this, it was redesigned by putting the words into a data base and, with the help of a script (from a friend), one page per definition is created, allowing faster access and more versatility. That version (2) went on line 3/7/02. For the latest version (3), illustrations were added. It went on line 10/8/02.

There is also the hard copy booklet, which was printed in September, 2002.

 * What does this glossary contain?
There are over 800 defined and cross-referenced words, synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, slang and symbols, making it the largest prostate cancer-specific glossary/dictionary on the Web, and possibly the world. There are pro-NUN-see-A-shun guides to most words. Some commonly misspelled words are also included, e.g., look up andrenergic and you will be referred to the correct spelling.

 * What is omitted?
Diet and nutrition. While they are crucial and important, the topic would require its own glossary (probably of equal size), especially when including supplements, from vitamins to herbs. So words relating to diet and nutrition are not here. The National Cancer Institute Web site has an extensive section on these subjects.

 * About the synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations
Leeway may be taken with some synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations merely for the purpose of orienting the reader also to alternates that may be quite close to the defined entry. Consult your physician on any differences.

 * What resources were used?
Most of the definitions came from the extensive online dictionaries and resources of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the US National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), and the National Library of Medicine, especially its MEDLINEplus service. Some online medical resources and public health agencies in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom were also consulted. Some definitions were edited or revised for space or clarity. The rest were written expressly for this glossary, drawing on these resources.

 * What about the Personal Edition?
The Personal Edition will be updated but when and the degree will be determined later.

If you have a new word to suggest, or find a link that doesn't work, please let me know at

Here's to helping a lot of people with the PCa vocabulary jungle.

Robert Young
dx'd 11/23/99 PSA 1000+ Stage M3
Webmaster Phoenix5
updated 3/25/03


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