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Put a Prostate Cancer Glossary on your computer
Version 2.01

redesigned & updated 5/6/02

glossary on computer monitor  
Have access to a PCa glossary when you need it!

On-line glossaries are fine, if you are on the Web and at that site.

But what about the rest of the time - doing E-mail, at another site, speaking with a friend, a loved one or your doctor - when you want to look up a word?

Now you can do it, without an Internet connection.

The largest prostate cancer glossary of its kind can now be on your computer at no cost.

Consisting of over 500 words, acronyms, synonyms, abbreviations and slang terms, it is the glossary that existed at Phoenix5 in March, 2002, which has been expanded. The Personal edition is slightly smaller than the current online glossary (500 words compared to 800) and does not have the illustrations.

Phoenix5 is providing this glossary at no cost for your personal use. It is made possible by the Friends of Phoenix5.

If you prefer, try the hard-copy glossary booklet.

Put it on a PC or Mac.

The Personal Edition PCa glossary has been designed to operate on PC or Mac systems and compressed (zipped) into one file that you can now download, install and use on your computer whenever you want, without connecting to the Net.


The zipped file is 612KB.

You will need about 1.6MB on your hard drive to extract the glossary. It will be created in a created folder called "p5glossV2." When extracted, it consists of the full glossary plus a README file.:

For further information and agreement for downloading, see the READ ME FIRST file.

Go to the Download & Registration Page.

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