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Humor & Laughter
drawing of a turkey with glasses and moustache and holding a card that says r x, meaning for prescriptions  * A Face You Won't Forget

 * The Operation
    A cartoon for those with a slightly bent sense of humor

 * Abbott & Costello's "Who's on first?"
    This goes to a menu where you can choose to listen to an audio of their classic routine, read a transcript or both.

 * From the Mind of George Carlin
    G-rated comments, with a link to his not-so-G-rated site

 * Alien Song
    A now-classic 45-second video with a definite punchline. See sample frames before viewing.

 * Applying to McDonalds
    Even if an Urban Legend, it is hilarious.


 * Links to Articles About Humor & Health
    Why laughter IS the best medicine.

 * Essays at Phoenix5 About Humor & Health
    From Chicken Soup and more

 * Laughing At The Disease
    Humor By & For People With Cancer

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