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(just wait for the punchline)
Set to Gloria Gaynor's song "I Will Survive," this now-classic movie was created as a "personal project" by Victor Navone who works for Pixar ("Toy Story") Animation Studios.

Playing Time: 45 seconds
Size: 3 Mgs
Play it by going to
this site or here or
download it from Gloria Gaynor's Site

Want to know more?
Victor Navone has a Web site with an FAQ on how it was made.

Trouble playing it?
From Navone's Web site:

First you need to make sure you have the latest versions of Quicktime and/or Windows Media Player, and that your web browser is correctly configured to use them. If you already have them, you might want to try reinstalling them just to be sure. If you're still having trouble, try downloading the movies to your local hard disk instead of in your web browser. Right-click (click-hold on a Mac) on the title of the movie you want to download. From the popup list select "Save this link as..." ("Download link to disk" in Internet Explorer) and save the movie to wherever you want on your computer. Once the download is complete you should be able to double-click on the saved movie and it will play in either Quicktime Player or Windows Media Player.

Note: I have had reports from a few people who are experiencing difficulties trying to view my animations on WebTV. I do not know enough about this system to be able to recommend a course of action.
Optimized video frames
frame number 1 from alien song video

frame number 2 from alien song video

frame number 3 from alien song video
Images © Victor Navone 1999

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