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This is one of several essays from my private cancer journal. It is not intended as anything than a record of my states of mind as I struggled with the disease and the effects of the treatment.

Notes From That Wilder Shore:

A New Bone Scan and A Puzzle

March 20, 2002

As part of closing out the clinical trial that I was doing, I got a bone scan today.

Given that my PSA had risen to 36.7 from 3.6 in January, I was expecting to see this reflected in the bone scan.

Not so. To the contrary, it had improved, said Dr. Silberstein, who compared the last three.

side by side comparison of 3 bone scans
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He pointed out there was some actual lessening. The met that was on the rib appeared to be gone and there was less elsewhere.

Given that he's been in the radiation field for decades and knows how to read these, I trusted his vision, although some of it was hard for my unprofessional eyes to see.

I told him about my new PSA and he shrugged and said it might be in soft tissue but that in the bones had improved.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if it is the Quadramet, since it goes to the bones.

Regardless, it helped my day.


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