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Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health

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What Are Your Options?

Answers to your questions

Is surgery more difficult in some men?
Radical prostatectomy can be more challenging in men who are obese or who have an especially deep or narrow pelvis. A very large prostate also can be more challenging to remove. However, a skilled surgeon should be able to overcome these obstacles.

Isn't radiation harmful?
Uncontrolled amounts of radiation can be dangerous, even deadly. The amount you receive during radiation therapy is precisely calculated and controlled to cause only minimal damage to healthy cells.

Can the radioactive seeds work their way out of the prostate gland?
Occasionally some seeds can get into the urethra and be excreted in your urine. This generally doesn't cause problems.

Should I get a second opinion before making a decision?
Again, that depends. If you feel confident in your doctor and comfortable with your treatment plan, a second opinion may not be necessary. However, if you have some concerns about your diagnosis, you don't feel confident in your doctor, or you don't feel comfortable with the treatment he or she is recommending, then it may be advisable to get another opinion.

[The chapter continues with "10 questions to ask your doctor"]


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