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 *  PROSTATE & CANCER by Sheldon Marks, MD
Filled with sensible questions, answers and graphics.

 *   MAN TO MAN by Michael Korda
An honest, well-written, first-person account of a best-selling author who chooses surgery.

 *  SEEDS OF HOPE by Michael A. Dorso, M.D. - a doctor discovers he has PCa and now becomes the patient, choosing brachytherapy. A first-person account.

 *   THE LOVIN' AIN'T OVER by Ralph & Barbara Alterowitz - The couple's guide to better sex after prostate cancer

 *  INTOXICATED BY MY ILLNESS by Anatole Broyard - diagnosis gave this noted New York Times critic and writer new freedoms

 *   THE MEN'S CLUB by Bert Gottlieb & Thomas J. Mawn, MD
Patient and doctor alternate accounts of Gottlieb's journey from diagnosis through surgery and recovery

 *   MEN, WOMEN & PROSTATE CANCER by Wainrib & Haber - A medical & psychological guide for women and the men they love

 *   LOVE, SEX & PSA: Living and Loving with Prostate Cancer by Robert Hitchcox - A first-person account with a touch of humor

 *   DR. PATRICK WALSH'S GUIDE TO PROSTATE CANCER by Patrick Walsh, MD, and Janet Farrar Worthingon. The man who pioneered nerve-sparing shows how he does it and more.

 *   THE MAYO CLINIC ON PROSTATE HEALTH edited by David M. Barrett, M.D. - covers prostatitis, BPH and PCa

 *   MY PROSTATE AND ME by William Martin. Afterword by Dr. Peter Scardino.

 *   MAKING LOVE AGAIN by Virginia and Keith Laken. A couple tells their story to offer hope for others facing loss of sexual intimacy.

 *   HIS PROSTATE AND ME by Desiree Lyon Howe A couple face not only the disease but sexuality

 *   IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH: A LOVE STORY by Karen Propp A powerful account by a wife and mother who struggles with the relationship and her own identity

 *   PROSTATE CANCER; With a Dose of Reality and a Slice of Humor by Chad & Clayton Crowe. Basic information with a chance to laugh.

 *   A PRIMER ON PROSTATE CANCER: The Empowered Patient's Guide by by Stephen B. Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano. Perhaps the best reference book published.

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 *   YOU & YOUR PROSTATE, an excellent book produced by the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs.


Not about cancer but highly recommended

 *   MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING by Viktor Frankl
How people lose their strength, courage and hope and how to restore it. A good book for patients and care-givers.

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