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cover of book man to man by michael korda

photo of Michael Korda
Reviews & Comments About

Man to Man
by Michael Korda

(Taken from the book)

''Man to Man brings prostate cancer out of the closet. . . . Mr. Korda tells his story with unflinching candor.'' — The New York Times Book Review

''Proves that a single, highly personal, moving account of an individual's illness can provide more education. . .than every medical textbook on the planet.'' — Los Angeles Times

''An eye-opening and important book.'' — San Francisco Chronicle

''Bravo to the courageous Mr. Korda. . . . A writer of great skill, Korda grips the reader with a step-by-step, unblinking account of his own personal battle. . . . Husbands and wives who read this book together will come away strengthened by its message.'' — Gail Sheehy

''Michael Korda has performed a medical public service. ... I was stunned by his candor and moved by his courage.'' — Dominick Dunne

''The best book about prostate surgery that I have ever read. . . . Korda brilliantly takes you through the whole process in a very worthwhile read.'' — Larry King, USA Today

''Necessarily frank and undeniably fascinating. . . . Extremely valuable for its blunt candor, no-nonsense advice and message of survival.'' — Seattle Times

''A book for all men who are in or are approaching their prostate years,' an unflinching guide. . . . Korda knows how to put his message across in a rip-snorting, page-turning narrative style.'' — Cleveland Plain Dealer

''Man to Man gets down to the emotional and psychological core of prostate cancer. . . . What is most affecting is Korda's honesty.'' — Hartford Courant

''A frank, moving, exceptionally well-written account by a prostate cancer survivor brave enough to write freely about [the] disease.'' — Houston Chronicle

''Korda writes as no one else has. . . . An important book, one that should be in the waiting rooms of urology practices.'' — Detroit Free Press

''Singularly useful. . . . Korda is a pro at storytelling.'' — Philadelphia Inquirer

''Few have explored the scarred terrain where [the body and the spirit] link up with more wit, more intelligence, and more grace than Michael Korda has in this absorbing book.'' — Larry McMurtry

''Michael Korda adds to a distinguished legacy of writers who have broken barriers. . . . [His] book is eloquent in its own straightforward way.'' — Newark Star-Ledger

''Korda deserves credit for his candor.'' — Washington Post

''Korda is on a mission to drag prostate cancer into the spotlight. . . . Man to Man succeeds because it is so very personal and detailed.'' — St. Petersburg Times

''Korda's book stands apart from most in the survivor genre.. . . Man to Man is a frank and singularly useful guide.'' — Albuquerque Journal

''Man to Man is a grueling, funny, fascinating and, above all, valuable account.'' — Palm Beach Post


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