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cover of book man to man by michael korda

photo of Michael Korda
About These Selections
How & Why They Were Done

In the early summer of 2000, I read Michael Korda's Man to Man and was completely taken with the skill that he had brought to the most difficult task of relating one's bout with the disease as well as his courage.

While some might find fault with some of his decisions or attitudes, what must be kept in mind that he is a best-selling author and has been the editor-in-chief at Simon & Schuster for more than 40 years and there was no demand that he tell his story, especially in such intimate detail.

The flaw is that there is a scarcity of honest, direct and complete accounts from other men of note. Admitting to PCa is one thing, but writing so that anyone, especially friends and business contacts, can read about your incontinence bags and search for erections is quite another. For that alone, Michael Korda deserves great credit.

Portions of Man to Man are reproduced at Phoenix5 including:

      The start of his book, through his diagnosis;
      His research into his options;
      His search for sexual recovery;
      His final thoughts.

While he goes into great detail about his surgery and the post-surgical recovery, I felt that the above sections would best suit all men, regardless of their options or choice of treatment.

The selections were scanned, converted to text with an OCR program and laid out to approximate the paperback edition, down to the page numbers.

I want to thank Michael Korda not only for what he produced in this book but his kindness in granting permission to post selections to Phoenix5.

Robert Young
Webmaster Phoenix5

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