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Welcome to Phoenix5

Let me introduce myself
by your Phoenix5 Webmaster
Name: Robert Young
Age: Born in 1938, so count from there.
Residence: Currently Cincinnati, Ohio. Formerly Vashon Island in Puget Sound WA, Seattle WA, San Francisco (Sunset District), Newport Beach, San Diego, Hollywood and a whole bunch of California beach towns.
Diagnosed: 11/23/99, Stage M1c
Education: Frustrated PhD dropout, Univ. of California, Davis. They had no name for philosophy of mind/psychology (with computer models) so I gave up. Later it was called cognitive science.
Military: 3dMarDiv, USMC. Semper fi!
Current Profession: Technically, none. My Webmaster and PCa work is full-time but I'm not paid so I guess I'm still an amateur.
Past Professions: Writer, editor, publisher, teacher, student, consultant, cab driver, politics, public relations.
Likes & Loves: My life and work, Caren, my family, Mac, Jack the Cat, animals, writing, Plato, All That Jazz, Scotch, the Net, Paris, ideas, close-up magic, HBO, the open road.
Dislikes: Mushrooms and people who list what they like and dislike.

photo of Robert Young and Mac
Me & Mac
Kansas Rest Stop, early 1999

Thanks to treatment, I've put on 50 pounds but I still like this photo. Mac is as trim as ever.

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