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About Phoenix5
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These disclosures are made voluntarily. If you have questions, please write me, Robert Young, Webmaster of Phoenix5 at

Updated 1/25/02.

About Phoenix5

This Web site is the primary activity of Phoenix5 and is intended only for educational and support purposes of men with prostate cancer and their companions. Phoenix5 exists soley on contributions from individuals. It has no connection to nor is it affiliated with any other organization or group. It accepts no advertising and is not compensated for listing products and services.

Important Disclaimer

Information at this site is not intended to be nor should it be accepted as medical advice, which should come only from your physician. Inclusion of material at this site is not an endorsement or recommendation of any product or purpose but is provided as educational only, to allow men and their companions to better discuss the issues between themselves and with a licensed professional.

The opinions expressed by anyone whose material has been placed on P5 is that of the author(s) and does not necessarily reflect that of P5 or the Webmaster. P5 cannot and does not determine authenticity or validity. The material is provided merely as dialogue and as the opinion of that writer or resource.

Protection of Privacy

Until 9/30/02, Phoenix5 used WebTrends Live to conduct anonymous web traffic analysis for our site. (For example, this tells us how many people have visited, what pages were seen most, how many visitors use Netscape vs. Explorer, etc.) While WebTrends Live makes use of cookies, no personal information is ever collected or analyzed by this service. For more information on WebTrends Live and their policies, go to their Web site.

The account was closed and a new traffic analysis tool is being sought. Until then, the WebTrends logo does still appear on most pages.

No information about any visitor is collected or retained by P5. No email addresses are collected or retained except with the expressed approval of that person. Any one wishing to be deleted from any notification list will be deleted and will be so notified.

No names or any information about any person that might be with Phoenix5 is provided to or shared with any other group or individuals without the consent of that person.

Persons who gave approval for their stories to be posted to P5 providing that their name was deleted were given alternate names. These names were given in a random order and do not reflect the person in any way. The actual names of those persons will not be disclosed. Email from persons seeking to reach anyone whose story appears on P5 will be forwarded by the Webmaster. It is up to the recipient if they wish to make contact or identify themselves. P5 will not.

Any person who wishes to have their story removed merely has to contact P5 and identify the material, using the original email address that they had when the material was collected and approval obtained.

Financial Information

All costs for Phoenix5 (costs to the server, registration of domain names, purchase of needed software, etc.) is carried by tax-deductible donations by individuals. Phoenix5 has no other source of income for its activities nor does it have any other assets. The time to maintain Phoenix5 and its products are contributed by the Webmaster, Robert Young, with no compensation.

Phoenix5 accepts no advertising nor is any product or service listed for any compensation, whether cash, service, favor or promise.

Neither Phoenix5 nor anyone associated with Phoenix5 receives any compensation from any company for providing information about their company and/or products. Nor is any commission provided for the linking to other sites or the sale of products listed at Phoenix5, with the following exception. does provide commissions for books ordered by people who link to from Phoenix5. These commissions range from 5 to 15% of the price of the book. The amount has been held by and will be used to off set the cost of additional books ordered from them for the purpose of review and inclusion at Phoenix5.

Editorial Policies

Unless otherwise credited, all material at Phoenix5 is written by Robert Vaughn Young and copyright © Robert Vaughn Young for the appropriate years.

All material selected for inclusion at Phoenix5 was done by Robert Vaughn Young, the Webmaster of Phoenix5, for the purpose of education only. The selection of the material is from the perspective of the patient, that it would be relevant and of interest to them. The choice is made by the Webmaster, Robert Young. Every attempt has been made to inform visitors that the material is intended to educate them to facilitate their discussion with licensed medical professionals.

An Update page is kept where each addition to the site is listed. When the site is updated, it is added to this page and then the date is shown on the homepage.

Links to other sites are selected in the same way as the articles, that it is felt they will be of value to other patients. It is attempted to avoid sites that are so far from the mainstream that there is no way to confirm the information.

No recompense or payment or promise is made by any site for the link to it. Nor is any link made to a site in promise that they will link to Phoenix5. All links are made on the value of the site and no promise or inducement by the other parties.

Some pages may contain copyrighted material whose use has not been authorized by the copyright owners. It is believed that this not-for-profit, educational use on the web, constitutes a fair use of the material, as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. Permission to use this material any further should be obtained from the owners.

Some pages may contain material whose authorship could not be determined after a reasonable search and should be stated as such on those pages.

Some pages contain language and images that some may find offensive. Every attempt has been made to provide a warning prior to the appearance of the material. This material is deemed an integral part of living with prostate cancer which strikes at the sexuality of a man and can impair a sexual relationship.

Photo/Image Credits and Acknowledgments

The Phoenix5 logo which appears at the top of each page was created by Webmaster Robert Young in Adobe Photoshop. The meaning of the logo is found at the Phoenix5 FAQ.

button   The photo of the grieving soldier was taken by Sergeant First Class Al Chang, US Army Signal Corps, on August 28, 1950, in the Haktong-ni area of Korea. The caption used is from his notes for the photo. From the US National Archives and Records Administration, War and Conflict Number 1459, Record Group 111, Series SC, Item 347803 or NWDNS-111-SC-347803.

button   "We Can Do It!" at the Companion's Menu "Of all the images of working women during World War II, the image of women in factories predominates. Rosie the Riveter--the strong, competent woman dressed in overalls and bandanna--was introduced as a symbol of patriotic womanhood. The accouterments of war work--uniforms, tools, and lunch pails--were incorporated into the revised image of the feminine ideal." Poster by J. Howard Miller and produced by Westinghouse for the War Production Co-Ordinating Committee, NARA Still Picture Branch (NWDNS-179-WP-1563)From the US National Archives collection.

Permission to Reprint or Repost

Unless otherwise stated, identified and/or credited, the content of Phoenix5 (P5) is copyright © 2000, 2001 or 2002 (as appropriate) by Robert Vaughn Young, All Rights Reserved.

It is easy to get permission to repost or reprint material by P5 because we believe that education is important. It is asked that a request be made and that proper credit to P5 be made.

Other Information

This site was built and designed by Robert Vaughn Young using HomeSite4.51. Graphics were modified with Adobe Photoshop.

Robert Vaughn Young was diagnosed on 11/23/99, at age 61. He is a professional (now retired) writer/consultant now living in Cincinnati with his companion Caren, his Malinois Mac, his one-eyed cat Jack, his HP computer and a couple of HTML manuals to figure out how to do this. His personal essays about PCa and how this site came to exist appear at this site.

Contacting Phoenix5

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please contact the Webmaster, Robert Vaughn Young at

(updated 10/15/02)


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This information is provided for educational purposes only and does not replace or amend professional medical advice. Unless otherwise stated and credited, the content of Phoenix5 (P5) is by and the opinion of and copyright © 2000 Robert Vaughn Young. All Rights Reserved. P5 is at <>. P5's policy regarding privacy and right to reprint are at <>.