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About the author
Michael A. Dorso, M.D.

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[from the book]

Dr. Michael Dorso earned his Bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Florida before beginning medical studies at the University of Miami. He earned his Doctor of Medicine in 1969, and began a ten year career as a flight surgeon in the USAF. His military career included a tour of duty with The Strategic Air Command, as Chief of Flight Medicine at Plattsburg AFB. He served in Saudi Arabia as an advisor to the Royal Saudi Air Force, before finishing his distinguished career at Edwards AFB as Director of Aerospace Medicine.

He continued his career in Aerospace Medicine as a civilian, at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center. There he participated in flight testing the Space Shuttle for three years.

In 1979 Dr. Dorso returned to his first love, Emergency Medicine. Presently residing in northern California with his wife and children, he serves as an emergency physician in a busy community hospital.

Early in his career, Dr. Dorso grasped the importance of a positive attitude in healing. His daily interactions with all manner of patients brought him to a carefully reasoned philosophy of life and its illnesses - illnesses which ultimately effect us all. He saw how important it was for a patient to assume responsibility for his own therapy. He realized that patients with a spiritual concept of life fared better. He began planning a book advocating those philosophical principles.

Dr. Dorso was diagnosed with prostate cancer, on a routine physical exam, three years ago [1997]. That diagnosis was a life altering event. In his search for information and perspective, he saw a desperate need for an informative, personal book about prostate cancer. His book, Seeds of Hope: A Physician's Personal Triumph Over Prostate Cancer, addresses that need. This book tells the engaging tale of Dr. Dorso's own illness, in the context of his philosophy. It is written for men with prostate cancer, and the families who love them.

 *   On May 13, 2002, Michael gave 5-Year Update


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