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A 5-Year Update from Michael Dorso
photo of author Michael Dorson

cover of book Seeds of Hope
On May 13, 2002, Michael sent out the following letter:

Dear Friends

I flew round-trip from Sacramento to Seattle today to visit my physician, Dr. Blasko. It's now been five years since I completed triple therapy of radioactive seeds, external beam radiation, and eight months of hormonal suppression. My PSA at the five year mark (post seeding) is 0.01! Dr. B. was delighted and informed me that he has now followed patients out to 15 years. No patient with a five year PSA < 0.1 has had a recurrence of his cancer!

In this business, that's about a close to being pronounced cured as it gets. I just had to share the good news, and perhaps give some encouragement to those men (and their mates) who have contacted me while considering their own therapeutic decisions.

Thanks for your support over these five years.

Opening some bubbly,
Michael Dorso MD


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