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photo of Keith and Virginia Laken
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Ant Hill Press

Making Love Again
by Virginia and Keith Laken

[from book & jacket]

"In Making Love Again, Virginia and Keith Laken describe in intimate detail their struggle with impotence. It is their struggle, even though it is Keith's impotence. Together they recount the various treatments, the anxious moments and the false hopes, the good sex and the bad, the cures that weren't. And they report the corresponding rise and fall of their relationship - all with such unreserved honesty that the book is a genuine page-turner."
Psychology Today

"A remarkable story for both patients and physicians ... Virginia and Keith Laken describe what so many must feel when facing the same challenges. Their frank descriptions ... have allowed us all to gain insight into how one can face, cope with, and overcome the fears associated with this condition."
David Barrett, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Lahey Clinic
Burlington, Massachusetts

"Making Love Again is an eloquent book that adds to a small but important force in literature about sex in the real world ... Virginia and Keith Laken have courageously offered their story so that others may learn what a 'real' couple has done to keep intimacy alive, despite the realities of sexual dysfunction. May reading about their healing help speed your own."
Bob Burns Producer/Director
"The Truth About Impotence"
NOVA 1998

"A ground-breaking book that is a 'must read' for health-care providers or anyone dealing with sexual dysfunction, prostate cancer or lack of sexual intimacy. Should be in all hospital, medical,public and personal libraries."
Chris Kraft, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins Center for Marital and Sexual Health
Baltimore, Maryland

"This necessary book will help patients and their lovers face problems, identify solutions that work for them and transcend despair. It also will help physicians understand their patients' experience, be alert to their needs and be quicker to provide professional guidance."
James A.Talcott, M.D., S.M.
Director, Centers for Outcomes Research
Massachusetts General Hospital
Cancer Center


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