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Update Page
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The Update Page is quite popular. People use it to see what is new at Phoenix5.

I have been asked if I could set up a way to notify people when there is an update, so here it is.

If you sign up, you would get a notice that looks like this, giving only updates since your subscription. If you can receive HTML email, there will with a direct link. If not, you will have to find it at Phoenix5, probably through the Updates Page.

To: Phoenix5 Site Update List 
Subject: Update to the Phoenix5 site 1/3/02

You are receiving this because you asked to be notified when there are 
updates to the Phoenix5 Web site. To be removed from this update list, 
merely reply and request cancellation. 

Updates at

"What Prostate Cancer Can Mean to a Man" was added to the Companions Menu.

Reuters article "Several Therapies May Help Post-Prostate Impotence" was 
added to the articles menu.

Regarding yesterday's entry, I added a text version of the abbreviations 
and changed the MS Word document to an RTF format, which is less 
weight/size and better for Macs, and changed that link below.

Glossary acronyms and abbreviations have been updated and reloaded. There 
is also now an MS Word document allowing a simple printout of the acronyms 
and abbreviations. It can be accessed from each glossary menu.

Robert Young
Dx'd 11/23/99 PSA 1000+ Stage M1c
Webmaster Phoenix5
To help overcome the effects of prostate cancer

This is not a mailing list where people trade emails. Your name will not be shared with any other group or person and will be only for updates from me to you.

To join, send me an email at with the subject line SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATE. I will notify you when it is done. (See ** below.)

You may be removed at any time by writing me or just replying to an update with the request in the subject line or message. I will notify you when it is done.

Robert Young
Webmaster Phoenix5

** For some odd Internet reasons, some eamil addresses won't work in REPLY mode, so if you don't hear from me, write again.


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