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All major changes with links to those pages or sections, with newest at the top.

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 * Board of Directors Vacant Position Filled.

 * New cancer journal entry.

 * Tell someone that you love, added my cancer journal.

 * New essay, Starbucks to the rescue, added to my cancer journal.

 * New cancer journal entry.

 * A wife's comments how a VED and Viagra helped reduce penile shrinkage with her husband, after his RP, has been added to the Penile Shrinkage Menu.

 * Reuters Health story on penile shrinkage after surgery has been added to the penile shrinkage menu.
 * A Forbes story ("Some Nerve") on nerve replacement after a prostatectomy has been added to the articles menu and the potency menu.
 * My chemo treatment #4 took a different turn because of some disturbing symptoms. You can read the chemo journal entry or the cancer journal entry, "A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Chemo".

 * Urinary stricture (Syn: bulbar urethral stricture) (with illustration) has been added to the glossary with additional cross-references to other appropriate entries.

 * "Chemotherapy & The Clock" has been uploaded to my Cancer Journal as well as an entry for Week 3, to my Chemo Journal.

 * Peripheral and neuropathy (Syn: peripheral neuropathy) added to the glossary.

 * MEDLINEPlus' Guide to Health Web Surfing has been added to the "Know Before You Go" section of the Resources Menu. People who surf the Net for health information need to follow the guidelines in this section.
 * I got a Port-A-Cath installed today and have a cancer journal entry on the process.
 * I updated my chemo journal. Week 2 was much worse than Week 1.

 * I started chemotherapy and I write about it in my regular cancer journal. I have also started a weekly chemo journal to record side effects..

 * Line illustrations for a subcutaneous port have been added to the definition of port in the glossary.

Previous months deleted.
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