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A Phoenix5 First-Person Story


Women Are Here Because...

by Wendy

  [Webmaster note: In March 2000, someone commented about the women being on a list for a disease causing sexual problems that only men have. This was Wendy's reply.]

I believe women are here because they too are forced to deal with sexual dysfunction caused by this disease. It may be that they are trying to help their partner's cope or they themselves are experiencing sexual dysfunction as a direct result of this disease.

couple embracing on a beach at sunset I would hope that women are here to share, to cope, to better understand their partner AND themselves, to listen, to absorb, to help others, to help themselves, and to deal with sexual dysfunction on all levels.

My husband and I both have suffered with all aspects of sexual dysfunction and continue to deal with sexual worries. Though he has an implant now and we no longer have the impotency issues to deal with, we are soon to be faced with the lack of libido issues for him when he switches to new treatment. Since we are so closely connected, his libido often affects my libido and vice versa. We have to share openly with each other, but often in a sensitive manner. Things have worked so well for us so far because we have felt that it is our problem together.

Yes, HE is impotent and yes it is HIS body BUT I have had many sexual issues to deal with since his diagnosis also. Thank goodness neither he or I have tried to put ones needs ahead or above the other. We both have needs, desires, worries and heartaches and we have chosen to face them together with dignity and with mutual respect. I am so fortunate to have a life partner that wants to walk in this journey through life as equals. I have been there for him in his darker moments on the sexual front and he in turn has been there for me. When either of us have suffered with sexual disjunction we have both been patient and loving to the other.

I am certainly blessed to married to such a fine man. He is caring, considerate, recognizes the worth in all people, is especially respectful to and around women, and has what I consider high moral standards. He is a perfect gentleman and I am proud to call myself his wife and mate.

(written March 2000)

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