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A Phoenix5 First-Person Story


ED Specialists Are Worth It!

by Jeannie

Well, after dealing with our local URO who really didn't know what else to do for my husband when Caverject didn't quite "do the job," we sought out a true E.D. expert at Mt. Zion U.C. Medical Center in San Francisco, Dr. Tom Lue. wedding photo of jean and jim (Dr. Lue has been on the faculty at UCSF since 1982, and he is presently a Professor of Urology at UCSF and the Chief of Urology at UCSF/Mount Zion Hospital. His major professional interests are male sexual dysfunction and Peyronie's disease.)

So there we sat on May 21st, nearly 3 years post treatment (6 mos. Lupron, HDR brachytherapy, and EBRT), waiting anxiously in Dr. Lue's waiting room. Jim had been left very impotent, Viagra didn't work for him, and even his heroic attempts with Caverject didn't produce a "usable" erection for intercourse. The cumbersome VED was our only tool - and we both disliked it greatly. In addition, Jim did hardly any "exercise," and I felt certain he was "losing it by not using it." Mostly we had shut down our respective libidos and settled for cuddling, while secretly hoping that somehow, someone like Dr. Lue might have a magic bullet for us.

Dr. Tom Lue turned out to be a delightful (and playfully funny) man with 13 new E.D. patients on the 21st. After considering our plight, he assured us he could determine "what was wrong" by administering a particular test that he had personally developed (duplex ultrasound of the penis using high-resolution ultrasonography and pulsed Doppler analysis). He led us both to a private room where he had Jim lie down, face and belly up. Dr. Lue quickly and skillfully injected Jim with tri-mix, we waited 10 min., and then Dr. Lue carefully pressed a special device/sensor along the sides of Jim's semi-erect organ. The device was hooked up to a machine with computer screen which showed the image of Jim's arterial blood supply, as his heart pumped blood into his penis, and it measured that pressure at "about 1/3 of what it should be." The test also revealed that Jim had poor circulation and his blood was leaking back out of his penis, instead of staying in the organ and maintaining his erection.

Our hearts sank. We were both hugely disappointed. No magic bullet here! We talked about options, even looked at the complex plumbing and piping of a penile implant device. Dr. Lue then went on to make some recommendations, and we've worked with those (very successfully, to our great surprise and pleasure!).

1) Dr. Lue reiterates the "use it or lose it" concept and instructed Jim to inject/pump and be sexually active at least once or twice a week.

2) Dr. Lue prefers tri-mix to Caverject and says it's "often more effective." He prescribed tri-mix for Jim, .3cc to .4cc per dose, and instructed Jim to inject himself, then press the injection site for 5 min., and wait another 5 min. Then, while standing up and thus retaining a slightly stronger erection than when lying down, to use the VED and add "the ring." This results in a nicely firm and natural erection, which has been WONDERFUL for intercourse! [great big smiles here!]

We've been married less than a year, and we now truly feel like honeymooners - the honeymooners that we never had the chance to be previously! It's been such a "resurrection" of our sexuality, so to speak... and to think we had pretty nearly given up hope of ever having a "normal sex life." Our libidos are coming back, Jim's tri-mix with "cock ring" erections are lasting just wonderfully, and I'm feeling like a sexy desirable woman again! I nearly wept with joy last night when we made love again and "it worked"! We are grateful and thrilled at the results of our "biting the bullet" and seeking out a true "E.D. expert."

Smiling Jeannie M.
from S.F. East Bay, California

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