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A Phoenix5 First-Person Story


Impotency is NOT Inevitable with CHT

by "Diane"

  [Webmaster note: Impotency is one of the greatest worries of combined hormone therapy or CHT because it is a common side effect. But "Diane" wrote that this is not the case with her husband. Names have been changed.]

From what I have read, the number of men who stay potent on CHT [combined hormone therapy] is small but it would be wonderful if even one more could join the group. I really believe most men don't even try. I wouldn't have tried.

I didn't want to encourage "Tom" to have sex and then have him be couple kissing upset when it didn't work. But "Tom" wanted to try and we figured that it might take a day or too before the impotence began so each day we tried and each day we succeeded. Now we don't have sex everyday but average 3 or 4 times a week. By the way, "Tom" was 62 when diagnosed and is now 64.

When "Tom" first went on CHT, we had sex frequently because we kept expecting it to end and we didn't want to miss any opportunity. After the first week or 10 days we began to be concerned that the therapy wasn't working correctly so began asking questions of medical friends and on the web. The doctor who gave the shot was useless for asking questions, but that is another story. A nurse friend who works in oncology said that it wouldn't happen right away but eventually he would be impotent.

By six weeks out we had a new doctor and since the sex was still OK, we requested a T [testosterone level] test. It came back less than 20 and his PSA was down to 1.5 from 17.7. One month later his PSA was less than 0.1. So the therapy was working but sex was working too.

We did learn of a few men who continued to be potent through CHT. We decided we would join their ranks. Sex on CHT is not the same as off. The duration and firmness of the erection are reduced but are still acceptable. "Tom" rarely ejaculates while on CHT. He also takes Flomax and even off CHT, he ejaculates less frequently than before treatment.

The reason I post this information whenever it is pertinent is to encourage men and their partners to continue to attempt sexual activity on CHT. I have read many posts where the men don't try because they have been told they would be impotent and/or they lost desire so they stopped trying. "Tom" misses the desire but we just "carry on" as if it were there and we both end up enjoying it very much.

I personally think that some of the impotence problems on CHT have to do with the trauma of being diagnosed. Most men on CHT are not hearing encouraging news. Either they have PCa that is advanced or they have failed a primary therapy. Many who have failed a primary therapy are already impotent or have suffered significant changes in their potency. Then on top of all that stress, they are told that they WILL be impotent.

Just my opinion.


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