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A Phoenix5 First-Person Story


"Those were the days, my friends..."

by Dennis

  Monday, May 22, 2000

Saturday night was my son's bachelor party and they dragged "dear old Dad" along for the ride.

Before we went off to Atlantic City and the casinos we went to a "Gentlemen's" club (I use the term loosely) in Philadelphia. stripper at night club I had never been to a club such as this and was not prepared for the events. The women were gorgeous as they danced down the runway, did gymnastics on a brass fireman's pole and flirted for tips. I was a perfect gentleman sipping my diet coke and watching while the 25 year old friends of my son carried on while pouring liquor down my non-drinking son's mouth.

Suddenly, the boys grabbed me and dragged me to another room where there was a 40 foot long circular couch with women dancing in front of men. The kids had paid for me to have what is called a "couch dance." I have honestly never had an experience like this in my entire life. I guess in some ways I'm a little square.

A girl dances wearing little more than an postage stamp with sewing thread around her waist and nothing more. The girl who danced for me was drop dead beautiful. She danced sensuously for me and her perfumed scent was terrific. She had a sweet voice and we spoke at length while she danced. She turned out to be 23 years old. She was younger than my son.

Imagine now: the music is erotic, the girl undulating in front of me and I sat there unaroused. I remembered my younger days when the scent of a woman would bring me to attention without hesitation. The slightest erotic touch would arouse me into a frenzy.

Now here I am with more concentrated stimulation than any man could dream of and I got no physical response at all. What a shame. With that thought in my mind, I then reflected upon this strange turn of events and wondered if I should take 100mg of Viagra and come back in a hour. Maybe I should have brought my VED [vacuum erection device].

Well the bottom line was that after she finished I thanked her for her efforts and said good-bye. Amazingly, I was able to walk out of the room without carrying something like my book bag which I did in high school in front of my pants to hide the bulge I would get from fantasizing about about the girl who sat just across from my desk in English class.

Ah, those were the days.

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