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[An Associated Press story about the procedure is at Phoenix5.]

electrical plug and sockets I had my RP in Sept 1999 at Sloan Kettering. Because of complications with the nerve on one side, Dr. Peter Scardino, my surgeon and Dr. Peter Cordeiro,a plastic surgeon, did a graft on the one side. The graft was a pre-arranged option and resource that I set up just in case of such a necessity.

I had researched the nerve grafts extensively prior to surgery and felt like I wanted to go the extra mile to try and influence the outcome of surgery as much as possible. In many places I had read that sometimes the nerves had to be taken because of damage, cancer, or their entanglement with the prostate. Since a graft can't be done later, the plastic surgeon must be on hand at the time of the RP. As it turned out, I needed the graft and the pre-planning paid off.

Well, I am now happy to report to you that I have discovered the ability to have natural erections beginning April 6, 2001. I assume this means the graft worked since prior to now, I required Viagra and prior to that the injections. It is quite a thrill and one that was not expected since I was 19 months post op at that point. I also had been through that whole mess with the fibrosis and the stress of actually planning to have an implant. Since April 6 there have been 10 or more successes so I guess its now OK to tell someone.

I feel this may be information you can use at your site that might be beneficial to others. As you once described, this has been quite an emotional roller coaster. Needless to say, my wife and I are elated.

I also can't begin to describe my esteem for Peter Scardino.

(name deleted - written 5/10/01)

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