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Ben Bunn: A Warrior's Journey

Ben Bunn was a warrior to the end. In this personal account written in October, 1999, he said,
Sometimes this battle feels like I'm a jet fighter pilot with a heat seeking missile on my tail.... I know it's just a matter of time and it's going to catch up eventually... but I keep on fighting... quitting is unthinkable.
It caught him on September 1, 2000. Warriors like him is why we fight this killer. His journeys posted here in his memory.
    blue ball Ben's Story
       Written by him in October, 1999

    blue ball A three-part Series in a Colorado paper
       (If unavailable at link above, let us know and we will activate our copies)

    blue ball Another Warrior responds

    blue ballEpilogue to Ben's fight

photo of ben bunn Photos by Jeff Haller, Longmont Colorado Times-Call

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