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Using a Vacuum Erection Device (VED)

The vacuum erection device can create an erection by reducing the air pressure around the penis. Because the pressure in the body is higher, blood will flow into the penis. The device pictured here is by Osbon. A link to distributors is below.
After putting a liquid or gel around the penis to help create an air-tight seal, the tube is place over the penis. the VED goes onto the penis

The pump is now squeezed repeatedly, reducing the air pressure in the tube, allowing the blood to flow into the penis. the VED is pumped to create the erection
When the erection occurs, the tube is removed and a tension ring that was around the end of the tube is slipped off onto the penis. This is to keep the blood in the penis. Osbon says the erection should last for 30 minutes. the tube is removed and the ring put in place at the base of the penis  
When the tension ring is removed, the blood will leave and the penis will go flaccid. when the ring is removed the penis goes flaccid  
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For an on-line list of brands and distributors, click here.

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