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A First-Person Account
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A wife's perspective:


[Wendy has been one of the most vocal proponents of penile implants. In response to one of her remarks, a man asked a question in April, 2000, and Wendy replied.]

Q. If implants work so well, why aren't they recommended first?

A. Penile implant surgery is usually a last resort. Although there is nothing wrong with this approach, for many men it's a disservice.

In medicine, the option of last resort is usually something that rarely works or has terrible side effects. Implants present a medical conundrum because they are one of the best treatments we have for ED. Implants have the highest patient and partner satisfaction rating, running higher than 90 percent.

Everytime we have intercourse with the inflatable two-peice Ambicor penile implant, we MARVEL at its beauty. My husband had previously tried all of the other treatments for ED and because the implant is always presented as the 'last resort' My husband waited 2 1/2 years before trying this option.

He had a true artist in Boston do the surgery--insurance paid the $22,000 cost of the surgery. He was in the hopsital for 24 hours--had some pain for the first 10 days--but was mowing the lawn by week two. Had an orgasm through oral stimulation at week three. At week five we had stuffable intercourse with the implant deflated and at week six were allowed to inflate the implant and were told to go have some fun and comeback for a 10,000 mile check-up! By six week--there was no pain or discomfort WHAT-SO-EVER.

It is the most natural--most convenient(sp?) of all the choices that he has tried. He now has a normal erection which can be produced within two seconds by making two quick squeezes. When intercourse is completed--just has to bend his penis to deflate the device.

Since My husband does have some blood flow into his penis during stimulation--the head of his penis enlarges and the girth of his penis increases. This creates a wonderful erection that seems as normal as his pre-RP erections. We honestly forget that he is impotent. The penile implant is the BEST thing that has happened to us in 3 plus years since his diagnosis. There is no planning or preparation needed--when we are aroused can just begin normal intercourse. He says that if it broke tomorrow--would be on a plane to Boston to have a new one installed.

100% satisfied,
Wendy & Husband

[In July, 2000, she responded to the following question.]

RON WROTE: I'm also concerned about my loss in length, the quality of erection and the reduced sensitivity. My bottom line is that things "ain't like they used to be even early post op" and I want it back.

After my husband's diagnosis and ongoing treatment--neither of us believed that things with My husband's penis could get anywhere back to where it was before all of this. We were wrong--the implant surgery that he had a year and three months ago has restored his penis and erections to 98.8% of what they use to be. The only differences being that he has to reach down and squeeze a bulb to become erect and he no longer has ejaculate.

He has 100% esteem retored and no longer considers himself impotent. He says when he stands in a room with other men--he knows that he has nothing to feel sorry about. In fact, he feels that he could out do any guy because he can stay up all night if he wanted. He has full sensation in his penis and his bend (peyronies disease) was corrected with the implant. This option is not for everyone--but we are sure glad that it is what My husband chose to do for himself.

He also attributes his ongoing sexual function and desire despite the fact that he is 4 months into Standard Hormonal Therapy, has a rising PSA and some back pain is because the implant has changed his life. He enjoys being sexually active and swears it is because he has no performance anxiety with the implant and also because receives much emotional pleasure from continuning to be sexually active.

If you or any others need any info--please feel free to ask.


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