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Peyronie's Disease:


From RR:

A recent posting stimulated me to go to my ED specialist, a trip which I have been putting off. My history: RP 9/20/99 at age 65, one nerve spared, PSA still undetectable, and some detectable Peyronie's, or at least a bending of the penis at about a 20% angle to the left (looking down on it) about one inch from the base.

I started early pursuing ED options and had tried Viagra, VED and injections by seven weeks post RP. I never really had success with the VED, partly because I got enough initial take from Viagra for a stuffable erection, but primarily because I had early success with injections. Trimix gave me too much discomfort for intercourse, so I was soon switched to Papaverine Chloride which is one of the three ingredients in Trimix. A 30 cc dose of this gives me a reliable erection for about an hour, and the pain-free reliability of this made me forsake the other options, even though I still take 100 mg. of Viagra two to three times a week to encourage nocturnal erections.

I now get nocturnal erections both with and without the Viagra, and can get rather full erections without Viagra, but it takes a fair amount of stimulation, so that my wife and I have just continued with the Papaverine when we desire intercourse, rather than risk the undependability or hassle of the other options.

The Peyronie's hadn't seemed to be getting worse, and didn't interfere with the enjoyment of sex, so until today I had been putting off the trip to my ED specialist because it involved a long trip. My specialist is Dr. Steven Auerbach who is listed as an ED specialist in the appendix to Eid's book and who also contributed the chapter on erectile dysfunction in Aubrey Pilgrim's book.

Auerbach's reply was that there did not seem to be enough scarring to take any action now. If it gets worse he will give me either Verapamil cream or Verapamil shots if the problem is more localized. He has about 15 men on Verapamil, and although there is not yet any real documented success he is pursuing this treatment. He also continues to recommend taking Viagra frequently, if for no other reason than to stimulate blood flow. His web site ( is not all that encouraging about the use of Verapamil, but he now seems encouraged.

I questioned him on the use of the VED for exercise, but he did not recommend it, but also did not recommend against it. He recommended taking Vitamin E and counseled against taking Vitamin C, especially in the mega dosages that some take.

He also thought that my Peyronie's, or whatever we want to call it, may be entirely independent of the injections I am taking. He believes most of the Peyronie, scarring or fibrosis comes from lack of use. He is strongly against sitting idly by for any period of time after an RP, believing that exercise and blood flow is very important for recovery. My bending is on the left side of the penis, which means that the scarring would be on that side, so being right handed I probably would be giving myself more injections on the other side.

Just thought I would throw this information into the hopper of information to which we all have access.



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