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Peyronie's & Scarring:


From Aubrey Pilgrim:

I had Peyronie's about 14 months after my RP. I considered surgery, but I took 800 units of Vit. E every day and used my vacuum device to help straighten it out. I still have a slight curvature, but not enough to matter.

It took about six months to straighten it out. This may not work for you, but if it does, it is much better than surgery.

From MF:

I agree with Dr. Pilgrim. Before you let anyone hack on your thing, try Vit. E. I have been taking 1000 units daily for about two years. It has really straightened out my situation.

From Phil:

Here's some anecdotal stats, since '93: trimix injections, well over 300. (The medical container for disposal is gallon + size, plastic.) I don't make tic marks. A few years ago i observed some curvature. Took things into my own hands. Immediatly after injection I roll the penis back and forth between palms, outstreched fingers, for less than a minute. It appears this should distribute the medication better than no attention. Ot takes practically no effort, maybe means little, but so are hundreds of things that we do in making a positive effort.

From RS:

Comments about Peyronnies being caused by injections caught my attention. My doc tells me that he doesn't think that the injection caused my PD [Peyronie's Disease]. I am almost 20 months post op and my PD didn't start until I was 10 months post op. I was careful to alternate sides and position with each injection. Kept a written file so I wouldn't forget. I initially had curvature both to the left and upward/backward toward my torso and an unbelievable amount of pain. I used the topical cream Verapamil initially which alleviated the pain or most of it and also the curvature to the left.

My scar tissue is on the right side near the base of my penis and not in the area I use for injections. While the tri-mix injections are working for me the quality is not there when compared to pre PD. I'm inclined to believe that the scarring may be the result of NSRP as opposed to the injections.

Ironically enough I had a unilateral nerve sparing and the nerve restoration on the right side, i.e. same side that the PD is now present.


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