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A graphical plot of your prostate cancer treatment

[The information here is provided by John Fistere.]

MultiGraph is a free medical graphing service provided by the Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation, 5480 Baltimore Drive, Suite 202, La Mesa, CA 91942, 619/461-8181.

reduced image of a graph - click on it to enlarge The MultiGraph system provides on one page a graphical picture of your medical history, correlating in time the history of your PSA and other data with your tests and treatments.

To the right you will see a reduced image of a sample graph. Double-click on it to enlarge for better viewing.

You can see another case at:
for my latest. You can see another at

These graphs can be useful in discussing your case with your doctor. You should have at least a few PSA values to chart. You can plot other variables in addition to PSA.

Many hundreds of charts have been send to hundreds of clients since 1996.

There are two ways of getting a MultiGraph:

1. Go to and enter your data. You just fill in the blanks.

2. Create a chronological digest file. The instructions for for a digest can be found at However, many of the digests that you have posted on mailing lists are perfectly suitable just as is. If you can't figure it out, just send what you have. The advantage of this method is that you can include as much explanatory information as you like in any format you like.

Mail your digest to Your confidentiality will be maintained. If you have any questions or want detailed instructions mailed to you, send email to the same address.

You will receive your graph(s) by email, along with a report and digest ready for editing to get your next update.

Try it, you'll like it!

John Fistere
Executive Director
Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation
San Diego
(619) 593-0411

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