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From Maynard Berkowitz:

The Booklet "CHOICES", written by Molly Sugarman, second edition is now on-line and can be downloaded from the PSA-Rising site in PDF Format. The URL is:

It is also available here on the Phoenix5 web site in non PDF format.

Although you can download the booklet, it would be much cheaper if you will send me your mailing address, and I will mail it to you for FREE. Unlike some offers you see in magazines, or on TV, this will not cost you one cent. Save your money, send your mailing address to one of us listed below, and you will get it for free.

This booklet is not for every man that has prostate cancer. It is really intended for those that have advanced prostate cancer, one for which there is no cure for at the present time.

If you want several copies to give to members of your prostate cancer groups, or to put on display at your doctors offices, just ask for them.

The commercial printing of this booklet was funded by Robert C. and Jeannette Powell Foundation.

You may also send your mailing address to any of the following: or

Molly Sugarman is the author of the booklet. She can be reached at

Gene Albaugh is the past governor of the District 5190 Rotary Clubs.

Robert Young is the brains behind the Phoenix5 web site.

Me, I just want to help.

Berky the Warrior
Folie Deux
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