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photo of man looking through binoculars A primer:

How to use the Internet to find the prostate cancer information you want

(Even if you don't own a computer)

With some tips for veterans too

The sheer amount of information on the Internet and the Web can overwhelm some people and cause them to give up.

Even using a search engine can be daunting. For example, when I put "prostate cancer" (without the quotes) into the Google search engine on 7/27/01, it gave me about 418,000 pages to select from.

Is it any wonder so many people give up?

How to survive it

Because I now live my life with Phoenix5 and on the Net and searching the Web, I gave a talk to our local (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) support group on this very subject. For the talk, I created a 10-page primer (with graphics) for them to follow along and then take home. It covered not only the basics but tips on how to narrow a search so you don't have to wade through 418,000 pages and can stand a better chance of finding what you want.

(by the page)

  1 - Introduction and table of contents
  2 - Q&A about the Net, the Web and access
  3 - Example of a Web page (a local library)
  4 - Navigation, links and a search engine
  5 - Example: a search for prostate cancer
  6 - 441,000 Hits? How to narrow the search
  7 - How to narrow it again, with an example
  8 - Example of a page found and explained
  9 - Finding the item down in the page
10 - Navigating & more searching tips


The original primer is available for printing as a PDF document. Graphics are larger in the primer. Permission is granted to reproduce providing the document remains intact. Click here to view but see below to save.

TO SAVE PDF DOCUMENT: Put your cursor on the above link and RIGHT-CLICK on your mouse. Select SAVE TARGET AS and choose your folder.


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