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What one looks like:

    Example of CancerMail from NCI


What you are about to see is a portion of a long CancerMail from NCI, received on 2/21/01, so you can know what to expect. Some spacing between paragraphs has been deleted to shorten it. Portions were removed so you can see other sections that it includes.

REMEMBER: They are sending the ENTIRETY of their information, so it is like getting a printout of everything at a library. That is why the original had nearly 1,400 lines, counting their spacing between paragraphs and sections.

What you receive will look different. Use this as an example only as a new version is issued the first of each month.

- - - - START OF EXAMPLE - - -

+  CancerMail Contents List  (Last Revised: February 1, 2001)  +
+                         +

National Cancer Institute
Cancer Information Products and Systems

CancerMail is a quick and easy way to obtain cancer information in English and
Spanish from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) through electronic mail. 
Using CancerMail, you may request:

     -  PDQ Cancer Information Summaries
     -  NCI Fact Sheets
     -  CANCERLIT Citations and Abstracts on selected topics
     -  Recent NCI Press Releases
     -  Selected NCI Publications

CancerMail is an automated system that reads standardized requests and returns
the requested information via electronic mail.  There is no charge for the
service unless your local computer center or internet provider charges for use
of e-mail.  CancerMail cannot respond to requests for information that is not
found in the system, such as lists of clinical trials.  Information on
specific cancer-related questions is available from the Cancer Information
Service Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m., at: 1-800-4-CANCER
(1-800-422-6237); TTY: 1-800-332-8615.  

CancerMail is updated at the beginning of each month.  To find out what has
changed since the last update, you may request:

   - A new Contents List by entering "help" in the body of the message.
   - Changes to CancerMail (cn-400000) for a list of the items that were       
     added and changed in CancerMail since the last update.
   - Changes to PDQ Cancer Information Summaries This Month (cn-405001) for a  
     detailed description of the changes made to the PDQ summaries since the   
     last update.

If you would like to be notified via e-mail when CancerMail is updated each
month, send a message to CancerMail with the word "subscribe" in the body of
the message. CancerMail will then send you a message each month telling you
what has been updated.  [To cancel this service, send a message to CancerMail
with the word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message.]

                            ** Instructions **

1.  Address your e-mail message to:


CancerMail responds to your requests based on the address to which they are
sent.  If you use the reply function of your e-mail, your request will NOT be
processed by the CancerMail automated system.

2.  In the body of the message, enter the CancerMail ID code from the Contents
List for the desired information.  If you need an updated Contents List, enter
the word "help" in the body of the message (enter "spanish" if you want the
Spanish contents list).  If you want more than one piece of information, enter
the code for each piece of information on a separate line within the body of
the message.

Your request must be in the BODY of the message, not the subject line.  You
can type a subject for your message if you wish, but CancerMail will not read


To receive the PDQ breast cancer summary for health professionals:


To receive the same summary in Spanish:


To receive two PDQ patient information summaries, one on colon cancer and
another on gastric cancer:


To receive an updated contents list in English (this list):


To receive an updated contents list in Spanish:


3.  Send your message.  It usually takes about 10 minutes for you to receive
your information, although delays in connections across the internet may cause
you to receive your request later. If you requested multiple items within a
single request, each item will be returned to you in a separate message.

WARNING:  Individual summaries may exceed 100K and some mail systems are
limited in the size of the mail messages a user can receive.  Mail systems
with size limits may split long messages into multiple parts.  Other such
systems may simply truncate or reject the mail message without warning. 
Please check your mail and storage capacity prior to submitting requests.  If
you do not receive a footer outlined with ***** and a date last modified at
the end of your document, the message may have been truncated by your mail
system.  Contact your local mail administrator about increasing the size limit
for mail if you experience problems with truncation or rejection of messages.

                   ** CancerMail Help/To Contact Us **

 - If you have questions or comments about the information in CancerMail,
   please write to:

 - If you are having problems using CancerMail or receiving your information
   requests and would like technical assistance, please write to:

                   ** Additional Information Sources **

Cancer Information Service - CancerMail staff cannot answer medical
questions.  Users in the U.S. who have specific cancer-related questions may
contact the Cancer Information Service Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m to
4:30 p.m., at: 1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237); TTY: 1-800-332-8615

CancerFax - All the information available via CancerMail is also available
through CancerFax, the automated facsimile distribution system of the NCI, at
(301) 402-5874 or 1-800-624-2511.

CancerNet - Quick and easy access to all cancer-related information,
including information on clinical trials, is also available on the
internet at:

International Cancer Information Services - Information on international
cancer resources is available on the internet at

                         CancerMail Contents List

    PDQ Cancer Information Summaries:
        PDQ Treatment Summaries for Health Professionals
        PDQ Treatment Summaries for Patients
        PDQ Supportive Care Summaries for Health Professionals
        PDQ Supportive Care Summaries for Patients
        PDQ Cancer Screening/Prevention Summaries for Health Professionals
        PDQ Cancer Screening/Prevention Summaries for Patients
        PDQ Genetics Summaries for Health Professionals
   News Bulletins, Press Releases, and Fact Sheets
   Publication Information
   CANCERLIT Citations and Abstracts

   Changes to CancerMail. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . cn-400000


PDQ information is reviewed regularly by members of the PDQ Editorial Boards,
and many summaries change from one month to the next.  Request document 
cn-405001 for details of changes made to the summaries with the last
CancerMail update.

All of the treatment and supportive care summaries are also available in
Spanish, as are selected news items.  If you would like a summary in Spanish,
substitute the prefix "cs-" in front of the number (e.g., cs-100022 to receive
the summary on anal cancer in Spanish).  Although the Spanish summaries are
updated each month, they do not reflect the changes made in the English
summaries until the following month (to allow time for translation).

         ** PDQ Treatment, Screening, and Prevention Summaries **

PDQ DISEASE TOPICS                                   Professional    Patient

Adrenocortical Carcinoma
   Treatment                                          cn-101198     cn-201198
AIDS-Related Lymphoma
   Treatment                                          cn-103779     cn-203779
Anal Cancer
   Treatment                                          cn-100022     cn-200022
Bile Duct Cancer, Extrahepatic
   Treatment                                          cn-101191     cn-201191
Bladder Cancer
   Treatment                                          cn-101206     cn-201206
Brain Cancer, Adult
   Treatment                                          cn-101143     cn-201143
Brain Cancer, Childhood (not covered below)
   Treatment                                          cn-100047     cn-200047
Brain Cancer, Cerebellar Astrocytoma, Childhood
   Treatment                                          cn-100289     cn-200289
Brain Cancer, Cerebral Astrocytoma, Childhood
   Treatment                                          cn-105741     cn-205741
Brain Cancer, Ependymoma, Childhood
   Treatment                                          cn-108627     cn-208627

Prostate Cancer
   Treatment                                          cn-101229     cn-201229
   Prevention                                         cn-305029     cn-505029
   Screening                                          cn-304727     cn-504727


OTHER PDQ TOPICS                                     Professional    Patient

                       ** Cancer Genetics Topics **

Cancer Genetics                                       cn-807866
Elements of Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment
   and Counseling                                     cn-810334 
Genetics of Breast and Ovarian Cancer                 cn-808793 
Genetics of Colorectal Cancer                         cn-810301

                       ** Supportive Care Topics **

Anxiety Disorders                                     cn-305966    cn-505966
Constipation, Impaction, and Bowel Obstruction        cn-303510    cn-503510
Delirium                                              cn-305472    cn-505472
Depression                                            cn-305992    cn-505992
Fatigue                                               cn-304461    cn-504461
Fever, Chills, and Sweats                             cn-302327    cn-502327
Hypercalcemia                                         cn-304462    cn-504462
Loss, Grief, and Bereavement                          cn-306750    cn-506750
Lymphedema                                            cn-300442    cn-500442
Nausea and Vomiting                                   cn-304466    cn-504466
Nutrition                                             cn-304467    cn-504467
Oral Complications of Chemotherapy and Head/Neck
   Radiation                                          cn-310577    cn-510577
Pain                                                  cn-304470    cn-504470
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders                       cn-306317    cn-506317
Pruritus                                              cn-300609    cn-500609
Radiation Enteritis                                   cn-304093    cn-504093
Sexuality                                             cn-310207    cn-510207
Sleep Disorders                                       cn-304282    cn-504282
Smoking Cessation and Continued Risk in Cancer
   Patients                                           cn-310203    cn-510203
Substance Abuse Disorder                              cn-307863    cn-507863
Superior Vena Cava Syndrome                           cn-304708    cn-504708
Transitional Care Planning                            cn-305471    cn-505471

   **  Clinical Trials, For Evaluation of Published Clinical Results  **

Clinical Trials, General Information for Patients                   cn-203900
Clinical Trials, General Information for Health Professionals       cn-903901
Levels of Evidence: Explanation in Therapeutics Studies             cn-902570


The following is a list of Fact Sheets, News Bulletins, and Press Releases
available on CancerMail.  Items are written and updated by staff in the NCI's
Office of Communications.  See the file cn-400000 for information on items
that were changed, added, or withdrawn with the last update.

CATEGORY/TOPIC                                                  CancerMail ID
                           ** New This Month **

NIH Course on Human Research Protections Goes Online                cn-400373
No Association Found Between Cellular Phone Use and Risk of Brain
   Tumors                                                           cn-400378
Questions and Answers about the Hutchinson Smoking Prevention
   Project                                                          cn-400374
Questions and Answers for the National Cancer Institute Study of
   Brain Tumors and Use of Cellular Telephones                      cn-400375
Researchers Complete Extensive Youth Smoking Prevention Study       cn-400376
Scientists Discover Gene Alteration That Hastens Onset of AIDS      cn-400377

              ** About PDQ and Other Information Resources **

Breast Cancer Consensus Conference: Agenda, Registration
   Available Online                                                 cn-400354
Cancer Genetics Services Directory, Application for Inclusion in    cn-400020
Cancer Information Service (U.S.):  1-800-4-cancer Q & A            cn-600025
Cancer Information Sources, General                                 cn-600021
Getting the "Fax" on Cancer Information in English and Spanish      cn-600023
Guide to National Cancer Institute Information Resources            cn-600029
Information Associates Program, Q & A                               cn-600027
PDQ - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database                           cn-400001
PDQ Cancer Information Summaries this Month, Changes to             cn-405001
PDQ, Citations About                                                cn-400013
PDQ Directory, Application for Physician Listing                    cn-400015
PDQ Directory, Q & A                                                cn-400011
PDQ, Editorial Boards -- General Information                        cn-400016
PDQ, Protocol Submission Checklist                                  cn-400012
PDQ, Q & A                                                          cn-600022
PDQ and Cancerlit Service Center (Q & A)                            cn-600026
PDQ, Submitting Clinical Trials To, Q & A                           cn-400010

         ** Information About Selected Ongoing Clinical Trials **

Antineoplastons, National Cancer Institute-Sponsored Clinical 
   Trials of                                                        cn-600743
NCI High Priority Clinical Trials                                   cn-400007
Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study, The                                 cn-400365
Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial, Q & A (English)                   cn-600048
Sentinel Node Biopsy Trials, Questions and Answers About NCI's      cn-600744  
Sentinel Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer, Wanted:  Surgeons
   and Patients to Participate in Studies Testing                   cn-400368
STAR Enrolls 6,139 Women in First Year; 16,000 More Women at
   Increased Risk of Breast Cancer Sought                           cn-400356
Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene(STAR), Questions and Answers:     cn-600419
Tricare Beneficiaries Can Enter Cancer Treatment Clinical Trials
   via Department of Defense and National Cancer Institute 
   Agreement                                                        cn-600113
Web-Based, Cross-Group Registration for Clinical Trials Piloted
   for NCI's Cooperative Group Members:  Cancer Trial Support
   Unit Could Expand to Other Physicians in 2001                    cn-400361  

                 ** Information About NCI/NIH Programs **

Breast Cancer Consensus Conference: Agenda, Registration
   Available Online                                                 cn-400354
Cancer Centers for Children and Adolescents, Q & A                  cn-600121
Cancer Centers Program, NCI                                         cn-600012


It goes on for hundreds of lines more with sections on:

Cancer Therapy
Alternative Medicine and Complementary Cancer Therapies


It is lengthy.

Select what you want, follow the instructions and you can get the information via e-mail.

IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES, call their toll-free 800 number.

      1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237)
      TTY: 1-800-331-8615

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