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Specific Dictionaries & Glossaries


American Foundation for Urologic Disease Glossary

Prostate Cancer Research Institute glossary

Prostate Pointers Glossary of PCa Related Terms

University of California, Davis, Cancer Center, Prostate Cancer Glossary

Urology Channel Glossary

Other Cancer Glossaries

BC (Canada) Cancer Agency - Cancer Dictionary

Canadian Cancer Society

Dictionary at the (US) National Cancer Institute

CancerWeb's On-Line Medical Dictionary.

Facts on File's Cancer Dictionary

Medicine on Line Cancer Glossary Medical Dictionary

National Cancer Institute - Cancer Definitions

TCRC Glossary for Testicular Cancer and Related Conditions

Texas Cancer Data Center Glossary


Cambridge Dictionaries on line

Harcourt and Academic Press dictionary
(is no longer available on line)

Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary

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The Prostate Cancer InfoLink site was closed but pages including the glossary are preserved here at Phoenix5.

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