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A Primer on Prostate Cancer
The Empowered Patient's Guide
by Stephen B. Strum, MD & Donna Pogliano

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In my three years with this disease and Phoenix5, I can say from considerable reading that this is -- without doubt -- the most complete and best prostate cancer reference book that I have seen. Its primary strength is that there may be more illustrations than its 368 colored pages. It is filled with hundreds of color photos, drawings, illustrations and sample forms, from the basics to the highly technical. Just look at the table of contents. And interspersed are "physician's notes" by Strum that take up cases or individual instances, to "reinforce the concepts in the text."

The book actually started as a highly popular "Primer" by Donna that was kept at Phoenix5. It has now grown into a book.

I've never seen a prostate cancer book where so much is so well illustrated. I highly recommend this book to anyone dealing with prostate cancer.
-- Robert Young
Webmaster Phoenix5

 *   How A Primer on Prostate Cancer Evolved
 *   Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal Story 1/27/03
      Patient's partner became an activist, then an author

 *   About the Book
 *   About the Authors
 *   Table of Contents
 *   About the Cover (enlarged)

Examples of illustrations:
     *  Free PSA
     *  Bone Scan
     *  PSA Bump
Example of a form:
     *  Biopsy Form
Example of the highly technical:
     *  Endothelin-A

 * Life Extension Foundation. $28.95 US. Trade paperback, 368 pages, all colored.
 * Available through

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