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Clayton and Chad Crowe The Crowes
Prostate Cancer
With a Dose of Reality
and a Slice of Humor

by Chad T. Crowe & Clayton T. Crowe

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 *  Table of Contents
 *  Sample Text
 *  Sample cartoon for the men
 *  A cartoon for the women

From your Webmaster, Robert Young:

Finally, a book(let) that is small enough and funny enough that the newly diagnosed can get some orientation without days of depressing reading and they just might do it with a smile.

It is filled with hilarious cartoons (over a dozen, on nearly every other page), depicting treatments (radiation, surgery, hormones) and post-treatment situations and the more you know, the funnier they are. Plus there is good, basic information that will get the newcomer (and companion) oriented.

For the old-timers, the drawings alone are well worth the price.

This type of education is long overdue. I highly recommend it, especially to support groups.

Order this book at Chad Crowe's Web site.
Phoenix5 receives no compensation or commission for sales.

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