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UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHOICE: The Stages of Prostate Cancer

38 minutes
Basic material
No nudity

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Produced in 1998, this video covers the basics with superb 3D graphics and following actual patients through different treatments, making it an good introduction to the subject. Topics include:

bullet   Anatomy of the prostate and the cellular nature of the cancer, with photos of pathology slides.

bullet   PSA: what it is and what the scores can mean, including showing the test being given and work in the lab.

bullet   The DRE, with a diagram to show how the prostate can be felt.

bullet   The ultrasound probe with photos of the screen to show what the urologist sees. You can even see the needle "snap" when the biopsy is done.

bullet   Gleason scores, with pathology slides to show the stages.

bullet   Surgery: Graphics show what is removed, the position of the erectile nerves that are sought to be spared and how the urethra is rejoined.

bullet   Radiation, showing different types with computer screens that the technicians watch, including the planting of seeds.

bullet   Pros and cons of the various types of treatments.

The video features four doctors explaining the treatments and a number of PCa men talking about the procedures they went through. You follow one man into surgery and out through recovery, another through radiation and another getting his hormone shot. Watchful waiting is also discussed.

A surprisingly well-balanced overview that can start one's education.

The video was produced in 1998 by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Phoenix5 has no affiliation with AstraZeneca and receives no recompense for making this video available.
Images are from the video

title screen

ultrasound screen taken from the video
frame from video showing how gleason grades are given

frame from video showing keyboard for radiation equipment

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