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This video follows four men through their four treatment options: radiation, surgery, hormone therapy and watchful waiting.

A camera crew filmed several men as they meet with their doctors and discuss the treatment. By the men's reactions to some information from the doctor and their replies, you can tell these are unrehersed.

The first chose radiation and you follow him through his preparations and treatments, including the inevitable barium cocktail, making a mold so he is in the same position, tatoos etc. You are also in the control room during treatments. (See frame.)

Another chooses surgery, a prostectomy. You follow him into the operating room for the anesthetic (see frame) and then out to the recovery room where the surgeon tells him it is over. Then you see him the next day as he starts to walk and then the weeks to follow.

Hormone therapy is also discussed as well as Watchful Waiting. One doctor even puts in a strong plug for such treatments, which is not a surprise since the video was produced in 1998 by AstraZeneca, which manufactures Zoladex and Casodex. However, the video is a good, basic introduction to these options.

Images are frames from the video, slightly cropped

opening title page of video

frame from video showing man in background getting radiation while a technician in the foreground is monitoring the process on a computer screen

frame from video showing man about to have surgery

frame from video showing man driving tractor - he is the onedoing watchful waiting

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