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(In response to my post of 1/28/00.)

Keep in touch with everyone and do not mourn over the past. We have all gone through the shock of learning the diagnosis and then finding out that all doctors are not the gods they would like to be thought as.

There are many fellows here [on the list] that have had time to research thoroughly our disease. Some of them have had it for years. As a result, they know about prostate cancer as much or perhaps more than the doctors themselves. You ask them a question and they answer at such a highly technical level so you have to go and research their answer so you can understand it. Do not feel bad.... I follow the lists, and I try my best to understand what is being said. Sometimes I do and other times, I do not, because the expertise is not there (yet). I hope this helped.

You have choices. You can allow yourself to be depressed and you can spend all your time on your diagnosis. Or you can put things into perspective.

Education about the disease is a GOOD thing. It will help you get the best treatment and care that is possible. But spend only a reasonable amount of time each day on the lists and research. Spend fun time with your loved ones, doing things you enjoy, and taking very good care of yourself.


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