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Advice from Richard:


(In response to my post of 1/28/00.)


EVERYONE, goes through what you are going through and if they tell you they did not, they are lying!

It took me 10 months to get a handle on "it"...PC, and go through the enormous amount of information to decide what to do. I am 56yrs old, PSA 7 Gleason 6 and I am going to Radiotherapy Clinic of Georgia, in Decatur. I went there for seeds two weeks ago, now I am going for 7 weeks of radiation that is unique in the industry of PC.

Get angry, depressed, mad, confused, and all the other stuff, but NEVER, NEVER just let your doctor handle everything. Become informed and knowledgeable - if you can - the more the better.

Go to US TOO group meetings and learn about the others who have PC and what they are going through.

Learn about this dragon called PC and the more you know the better you will feel about your decision.

But DO NOT rush into something you do not know about. Find everything you can, about as much as you can.

May God be with you,


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