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Advice from Maynard Berkowitz or "Berky":


(In response to my post of 1/28/00 and advice that may have saved my life.)


I am 23 months down the road, and I'm still not comfortable posting about treatment. I leave that up to others. One thing you might do, pick out a sub-topic, say cryosurgery or hormone refractory. Whatever suits your interests. Learn that. You won't have as much to learn, and in a short while you will be able to stand up against the best of those that deal with everything.

Something not in your chosen field of interest, just ignore. My chosen field is Advanced Prostate Cancer, and hormone therapy. I chose this because that's where I am.

Good luck to you, and don't leave us. In a short time, you and your opinions will be respected by those that read them.

Folie à Deux

[name used with permission]

[Update from Robert: Berky's advice turned out to be - for me - the most valuable anyone I received. It got me to focus, to find something that interested me and to disregard the rest as a way to get started. Literally, within minutes of reading this, I had it and my sanity was salvaged. I strongly recommend the process to others: find what interests you, nail it down and go out from there. - RVY]


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