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A Phoenix5 First-Person Story


Our Love Life Improved After Surgery

by "Carol"

  I must say that my sexuality has improved since my husband's RRP [radical retropubic prostatectomy]. It has been almost six months since we've had intercourse but I really don't miss it very much.

couple dancing, smiling with eyes closed My partner's inability has nurtured a lot of creativity that we didn't bother with too much previously. It has opened a whole new world for both of us and I LIKE it! Both of us remain orgasmic and enjoy each other for longer periods of time than previously.

I can ditto [the] suggestion to look into adult sites for adult toys, including sexy films.(they help my libido a lot)

I know my partner misses "real intercourse" I think mainly because of the psychological implications of being neutered as he calls it. But there is no lack of sensation on his part, the orgasms are as strong as before.

The pump is coming this week so I guess that will cause a flurry of more activity. I am more attentive because I know how fragile he feels and it is very important for me to be as receptive and loving as possible. Even if I am not in the mood, I would not object as I would have previously.

This has helped our sex lives a great deal. The more we do it, the more we both want to do it. Activity feeds on itself, just as inactivity does. Prior to RRP our sex lives needed a spark and the loss of erections ironically provided it.

Note, too, that my partner was diagnosed with kidney cancer at the time of the abdominal scans immediately following the DX [diagnosis] of prostate cancer. He spent last summer undergoing two major surgeries, the kidney first, it being the most life-threatening. Both were found early and no further treatment was required. We feel lucky to have been fortunate enough to find them early and that has contributed to our positive mental state (lucky to be alive) which in turn contributes to our enjoyed, appreciated, cherished ability to please each other in bed.

The lack of a hard penis really is NOT a problem for me. Would I like to see erections again? You bet!!! But primarily the greatest benefit would be the psychological relief afforded my husband. I might be able to get him to agree with me.


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