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Part 12:

January 13, 1999

I just completed my 18-month exam. The PSA is 0.50 which indicates that it has leveled off after the effects of the Lupron have finally dissipated. The Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) indicated that my prostate was perfectly normal. My doctor indicated that any PSA less than 1.0 was acceptable. He considers this result "excellent". So - my good progress continues.

May 9, 2000

I get mail from men who wonder how I am doing since I last updated "My Journey." For the benefit of all those men who have been wondering what happened to me:

I just completed my exam three years after I completed treatment. My PSA is now 0.871 and all is well. I have had no delayed reactions at all and my doctor is very pleased with the results to date. The D.R.E. has indicated that my prostate is now perfectly normal.

May 25, 2001

It has now been 4 years since I completed my treatment. I had a checkup by my doctor on 5/9/01. A digital examination of my prostate revealed it to be in "perfect condition" (To quote my doctor). Perfectly smooth with no irregularities whatsoever. My PSA came back from the lab as 0.8. My doctor confirmed my independent reading which said that a continual low range PSA for 4 years after receiving 3-D CRT virtually guarantees at least a 90% assurance of a complete cure . The low absolute number is not as important as consistent low readings in a uniform range. The number may cycle back and forth within that range since all men seem to have different levels which are suitable for them. For 4 years my readings have consistently remained in a range of 0.8 plus or minus 0.2 and that is fine. So my journey continues. With low PSA readings and without a single negative effect resulting from the treatment after all this time.

April 10, 2002

I am pleased to report the following to you and you may use this information to update "My Journey."

After an interval of one year, between PSA tests, I returned to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a PSA test in April. 2002. I am pleased to report that my PSA has now been stable at 0.9 for five years, after a brief increase from 0.1 as the Lupron wore off the first year.

The desired results are a low and consistent PSA for a number of years. I have certainly met that requirement.

I have never suffered any ill effects of my treatment, either physically, sexually, emotionally, or in any other way , whatsoever.

Best Regards,
Marv Blumberg

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