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Part 11:
The End of My Journey

I began my journey five years ago when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. During that period of time I did NOT panic and rush to treatment. Instead I took the time to carefully define my problem, consult with medical experts in more than one field of treatment, study the technology and medical principals involved, and to decide on a method of treatment. During that period, the technique I chose, IMRT with Androgen Ablation, was developed to a higher state of perfection. Within the same time span the chosen treatment facility gained massive experience in this technique as a result of treating over 11,000 patients, with various different cancers, using 3-D Conformal Therapy.

I have now completed my adventure after three months of androgen ablation prior to receiving the radiation, three months androgen ablation concurrent with radiation, and 45 treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering. My prognosis is for better than a 95% chance of a full cure. Continued monitoring of my condition, over the years, will hopefully confirm that I will be cancer free for the rest of my lifetime. The side effects I have experienced were virtually inconsequential and will disappear in a matter of weeks or a few months at most. The 9000 miles I traveled by train to New York, over 9 weeks, and whatever inconvenience this caused, will soon be forgotten. During this entire period I was not inconvenienced by any physical limitations and went about my life in a normal fashion.

The defeat of an invading army is begun by careful evaluation of the facts and existing situation - "Intelligence". Having defined the threat, the solution to this threat lies in the application of the best possible forces to counterattack and utilization of advanced technology against this threat. A rash and hurried response is seldom successful and may produce undesirable consequences.

So it is with the treatment of an invading army of prostate cancer cells. The forces to counterattack successfully are found in the ranks of the PROGRESSIVE and LEADING EDGE medical establishment. The technology is being developed to a higher degree with every passing day. Even now medical researchers are working on possible attack scenarios against cancer involving gene manipulation.

My journey is over!!! I owe a great deal to those devoted medical practitioners who stood by my side. My thanks also go out to all those behind the scenes. Those I knew were there but never met, scientists and laboratory personnel toiling in their sanctuaries, physicists, computer programmers, and technical medical personnel who served the linear accelerator.

And finally -- to those in my personal life - to those who loved and those who cared, Thanks for being there for me!!!! The labors of many will mean that I will continue to be there for you.

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