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Personal Experiences: Auto-Injector


[In July 2000, Manny posted the following to one of the lists...]

I have been struggling for nearly six years now using injections. I hate the sight of a needle about to pierce my penis. Well, I ran out of tri-mix went to the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist about auto-injectors. Bought one, used it and it is marvelous. I did not even feel= the needle go in. Strongly recommend using it.

[Curious what he was using and if he was still happy, I wrote him in late December 2000. This is his reply...]

Hi Robert!

I will be glad to provide you what I know: I use a B-D brand Automatic Injector named Inject-Ease by Becton Dickinson. inject-ease held in manny's hand It is inexpensive, around $30 [US]. It uses 1cc B-D brand Allergy Syringes. [See photo, courtesy of Manny.]

These products were originally developed for people with diabetes, but it works great for penile injections, and they have been around for ages. I use the tri-mix.

I used to be turned off at the thought of injecting myself, and anxiety kept creeping in. Also, I was unable to inject on the left corpus cavernosum, due to lack of dexterity, consequently not alternating the site of injections to avoid scar tissue.

It is now so easy that I would like to proclaim to the entire PCa community how effective it is. First, you don't see the needle, just press a botton after having chosen an area free of veins. The needle goes in so fast that is not felt at all. All one has to do at that point is to depress the plunger, and it is over.

Of course, I found this out on my own. My uro was not ever informed me of its existence. After my "discovery" I told my uro very emphatically how effective it is, and he promised to let others know.

I had been dreading the needle for six years, but now there is no injection anxiety at all. I think it would be great to mention it it Phoenix 5.

Manny Vazquez
Houston, TX

[Becton Dickinson which makes the Inject-Ease will be found at P5's Web resources page.]


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