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Types of Penis or Penile Implants
And How They Work

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a recommendation or endorsement of any product or procedure or medical advice. Nor is Phoenix5 or anyone with Phoenix5 associated with any product or organization nor is any recompense or commission paid. These were selected solely as illustrative examples. For fuller information, consult the product sites and your doctor.

There are basically two types of implants, the inflatable and the malleable. Both types are inserted into the penis by surgery.
two rods - one is straight and one bent

The malleable (shown at the right) are rods that can be bent so the penis can folded down or up to be erect. Two rods are inserted. These are the Dura-II by Timm Medical Industries.

illustration of device
This is the American Medical Systems (AMS) Ambicor device which has a pump and reservoir combined, which are placed in the scrotal sac. Compare to the other model below.
photo showing inflatable rods with bulb and tubing
The inflatable implant (shown at the left) has two cylinders, a reservoir, a pump and tubing.

What is pictured here is the AMS (American Medical Systems) 700CX.

The Mentor model can also be seen for comparison.

drawing showing the placement of the implant
This shows the placement of the reservoir behind the abdominal wall.

The cylinders are in the penis.

The pump is in the scrotal sac. At the top of the pump is the inflation site which is squeezed to push fluid into the cylinders. At the bottom of the pump is the deflation site which is squeezed to allow the fluid to return to the reservoir.


another line drawing showing placement

Here is another angle to give a better idea where the parts are located.
line drawing showing the erection and direciton of flow

This illustrates the direction of the flow of the fluid into the cylinders, to produce the erection, when the inflation pump is squeezed repeatedly.

Note the reservoir at the top is now deflated.

By holding the deflation site and squeezing the penis, the fluid returns to the reservoir and the penis is flaccid again.

For three line drawings to show how the surgical placement is done, click here.


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