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A First-Person Account
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When the shots didn't work:

With a Little Help from Medicare...Success

by "Bill"

[Webmaster note: In response to someone seeking help with an impotency problem, "Bill" invited the person to contact him as he had been through several methods. I wrote "Bill" inviting him to put it into writing so it could be preserved for others to read. This was his reply.]

Yes, Robert, you are right because I remember starting with zero information.

My story starts with me having enlarged prostate for years that was of no concern to anybody.

But eventually I developed a sexual dysfunction and the inability to get a useable erection. I had no ideas that the two problems might be related, and no doctor suggested that concept either.

I had a bad right hemisphere CVA (stroke) in 1986 so that overshadowed everything else. I lived in Pennsylvania, about twenty miles north of Philadelphia at the time so I had access to the big city doctors. I started at the sexual dysfunction clinic at the new Thomas Jefferson hospital. I knew only that the three means of treatment were:

    1. injections of a doctor selected mixture into the penis,
    2. vacuum pump and
    3. penile implant of some kind.

So armed only with that, I kept my appointment at Thomas Jefferson.

My appointed urologist was the head of the sexual dysfunction clinic so I was happy that I was in good hands. I told him my experience with the vacuum pump which I had already purchased and tried but it failed me. My doctor here favored injections at this point because I was not yet considered a candidate for an implant.

I did what he recommended and tried a few injections of his mixture as there wasn't any standard medicine to buy and nothing was approved by the FDA yet.

His injections didn't hurt to get them but, although there were warnings of all kinds about not keeping an erection for too long due to possibility of damage, they did nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. So I studied about the various choices for an implant.

In the meantime, I moved to a little town in Connecticut where I saw the urologist with a great reputation as a competent surgeon and doctor. I simply told him that I had tried numbers 1. and 2, so I didn't want anything more than an implant. He didn't balk at this at all. We decided on the best and most natural one which is the hydraulic model where you have a small reservoir installed just above your penis, two implants in your penis (think of two deflated balloons, and a little hydraulic pump installed in your scrotum.

This was an expensive choice at the time it was ten thousand dollars but was all covered by Medicare. I had both Parts A and B Medicare.

I believe it was about a three hour operation with a spinal for anesthesia. Recovery was really a piece of cake. Of course movements were slower that normal but in about ten days, which is just what my doctor predicted, it was done, and the pain was gone. The main thing that I remember is that I moved very slowly getting into or out of bed

With this rig, when I want an erection, all I have to do is pump the little pump three times and it is done so there isn't any interruption, like there is with the VED.

The main reasons that I didn't like the vacuum pump as a solution were because of the interruption to use it when needed and the rubber bands that hold the blood in made it hurt in my opinion. Other men have had better success with it. So my implant works fine and could be used for as long as needed. I don't have the sensitivity that I used to have but that may be due to the stroke.

An erection with this kind of implant doesn't subside by itself. When you are finished with it you simply behind your penis over your thumb to make the fluid return to the reservoir. There are also implants that don't require any pump or reservoir but then you have an erection all of the time. That's why I chose this one. It really is the most natural.



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