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A personal experience:


This certainly did happen to [my husband]. It's kind of like a turtle's head now. Lives mainly inside somewhere, until it's pulled out by hand, or grows on its own with stimulation - mechanical, chemical, or natural.

No one ever said anything about this to us. No doctor, nurse, or medical person ever made mention of it, until our last visit to the ED doc, Dr. _____. He asked [my husband] if his penis seems smaller, and he said, yes, it does.

My perception is that it's most noticeable in the flaccid state. Hard to tell when it comes to erections, since he hasn't had as full an erection since the RP - mainly just the "stuffable" variety.

I have heard other people say they are sure this is true. A friend even told me his doc said that, because in taking out the prostate some of the urethra is removed, the penis is shortened.

[name deleted]


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