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A personal experience:


[written 12/2/00]

Penis shrinkage occurs in other forms of treatment also. For example in my case, I recently underwent Cryosurgery, and my penis required a tweezer to hold it when peeing.

Seriously, though, it felt and looked like I had reverted back to 10 years old.

There is no scar tissue involved in cryosurgery with respect to the cutting of blood vessels and other tissue. This is because nothing is actually cut.

However there is trauma of sorts to the system, and there is a loss of blood flow into the penis. This is not caused by any damage to the circulation system, but by the freezing of the nerves which are necessary for the flow of blood in and out of the penis.

It is this loss of blood into the penis that causes the shrinkage. Even in its flaccid state the penis is holding a small amount of blood in its spongy tissue. Without this blood supply the sponge dries up and shrinks, leading to the visibly smaller shrunken penis.

I have noticed that after my first test injection of Caverject about two weeks ago my penis became more but not completely normal in its flaccid state. It has since shrunk back again, but not to its former minuscule shrimp-dick pre-pubescent state. Use of the pump also seems to keep it bigger.

AND......lately it seems grow and get bigger with a mind of its own again.

My doctor advised me that at about 6 months I should begin to see signs of life when stimulated visually or physically manipulated, and I am now at about the end of 4 months from cryosurgery so maybe I am beginning to see the effect of the nerves regenerating.

According to my doctor's statistics on his patients, 65% regain erections following cryosurgery if they were able to attain one before surgery.

So to summarize, shrimp-dick is a universal symptom following any (I do not know about radiation therapies) traumatic treatment to the prostate.

Jack Talsky
[name used with permission]


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